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Alan Gura

D.C. Second Amendment Case Moves Forward

Court oversight of restrictive legislation on the carry of firearms in the District of Columbia moves forward. Judge Scullin rebuffs the District Government.

Burial Team Prepares A Dead Ebola Victim For Cremation In Monrovia

Defensive Gun Use and Ebola

Avoiding infection while defending oneself requires thought. Ebola is just one, although extremely deadly, type of infection.

Ammunition is not available for the .442 Rimfire Tranter

Gun Bluffs Do Not Always Work

Bluffing with a gun often works. But sometimes, the criminal is drugged, crazy, or determined, and they “call” the bluff, often with direct, aggressive action…


.22 Rimfire Spotted in Yuma

22 rimfire is starting to become more available, as tremendous demand is being met. From around the country, I am getting reports of some rimfire in stock…

portable lifesaver handgun

Constitutional Carry Confirmed For D.C.

The WaPo confirms the D.C. Police Chief has forbidden police in the District to arrest people for carrying pistols if they do not have a felony conviction.

Ronald William Prestage

Another Citizen Ensnared by D.C. Gun Law

onald William Prestage, a member of the North Carolina State University’s Board of Trustees, was arrested in the District of Columbia after police discovered a holstered, loaded handgun in his briefcase…