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Paul Howe Tactical Carbine

Wilson Combat Paul Howe Tactical Carbine

The Paul Howe Tactical Carbine combines the unsurpassed build quality and attention to detail of the gunsmiths and designers at Wilson Combat and the 30 years of tactical experience that Retired Sergeant Major Paul Howe…

Smith & Wesson Model 66, Stainless 357 Mag Revolver

Guns Only Get More Valuable

Forty years from now, I will be re-reading the 2013 Gun Digest and be amazed that Glock 19, 9mm pistols sold for under $600 back in the good old days. I will tell myself I should have bought ten of them for that cheap price…

Texas Teachers Become Armed Marshals

SOTG Radio: Texas Teachers to become Armed Marshals

Gov. Perry supports new legislation to allow Texas teachers to become armed marshals. Are Tritium night sights reliable? Also, we take a close look an alarming trend; groups of Muslim immigrants attacking and beating American citizens who they deem to be unclean or infidels.

Ruger 45 ACP Commander

Ruger 45 ACP Commander Handgun Review

When I saw Ruger’s new 45 Commander I knew that this is a handgun that I have to try so I requested a sample to my surprise one came in within a week…

Gun Values

Rock Island Auction Company Seeking Firearms Consignments

Need to talk about the guns in your trust or estate? Rock Island Auction Company can help! We take consignments of all shapes, sizes, and conditions; from battlefield relics to museum quality pieces and everything in between…

Boberg XR9-S pocket 9mm Pistol

Boberg XR9-S Pocket Pistol – FAIL

The XR9-S is compact and light, which is great for concealed carry. But if it can’t be trusted to shoot more than one shot without jamming or pulling another round apart, it’s defensive applications are limited, to say the least…