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ArmaLite’s New AR-30A1 Target Rifle

The AR-30A1 is the next generation of ArmaLite’s highly acclaimed bolt action rifles – the ULTIMATE long range target and tactical firearm…

Rifle-Shotgun Kit AmmoLand

New Hoppe’s Elite Zombie Kit

Hoppe’s, an industry leader in gun care cleaning products and accessories since 1903, has introduced two new cleaning kits to help zombie fighters keep their firearms up and running.

Beretta Rebate

Beretta USA Wants to Give You $50

Beretta USA wants to give you $50 back when you purchase any model Px4 Storm or 90 Series pistol now through the end of the year…

Wilson Combat Custom AR Rifles

Wilson Combat High Performance AR Upper Receivers

Wilson Combat is pleased to announce the availability of over 30 custom AR complete upper receivers, seven different calibers and multiple barrel profiles to fit any sporting or tactical role…

Smith & Wesson 642 PowerPort Revolver

The Five Best Concealed Carry Revolvers

I love revolvers as they are a tried and true design, simple to use and easy to maintain, with just enough capacity and caliber to get the job done, but what is the best Revolver for daily concealed carry???

Rossi Youth Matched Pair Rifle

Rossi Offers $20 Rebate on Youth Matched Pair Rifles

The Rossi Youth Matched Pair line has been recognized as the best “youth-size” combo long gun package; a highly reliable rifle with adjustable fiber optic sights, which quickly allows a swapped barrel to become a favorite shotgun…

RAP4 Heavy Machine Guns

RAP4 Heavy Machine Guns

When you absolutely, positively, must destroy your opposition’s morale along with their numbers, you need to take the field with the RAP4 M249, M60, M240, or the battlefield classic Browning .30 Machine Gun…

Beretta 92A1 Pistol

US Army Awards New Beretta M9 Pistol Contract

The US Army announced today that Beretta USA has been awarded a contract for up to 100,000 M9, 9mm caliber, pistols.An initial order for over 4,600 pistols has already been released to the company…

Sig Sauer Lone Star P226 Pistol

Sig Sauer Lone Star P226 Pistol

RSR Group, Inc. is proud to partner with SIG SAUER to distribute the exclusive Lone Star P226 pistol. SIG offers a tip of the hat to the spirit of Texas independence while staying true to the SIG SAUER brand…