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Tom King

Re Elect Tom King to the 2013 NRA Board of Directors

Tom King is the current President of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, a member of the National Rifle Association of America Board of Directors, husband, father, grandfather and successful businessman…

School Guns

PTA Goes Anti-Gun – Time to Tear up my Membership Card

Betsy Landers is a powerful voice in the debate about what is going to be done about our children’s safety What she is pushing for is going to get more children killed. What she is pushing for will not keep kids safe….

Concealed Carry: Deadly Force Checklist

If you have a concealed carry permit or simply keep a firearms at home for personal defense you need to understand you legal responsibilities should you every use that gun…

Crushing Universal Background Checks

A Universally Bad Idea

Such a sweeping and intrusive new mandate would crush the current National Criminal Instant Background Check System (NICS), which is already overwhelmed…

The Hope of Heaven

While before 1945 Americans often talked about death, we rarely mention death today. In the past people discussed death and frequently witnessed it as loved ones died at home in their own beds…