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Briefs Submitted Challenging San Francisco Gun Laws

On February 7, 2013 the NRA, the San Francisco Veteran Police Officers Association and several San Francisco resident civil rights activists, filed their opening brief in Jackson v. San Francisco in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. ..

DoubleStar Corp

DoubleStar Corp Joins Firearms Equality Movement

Effective immediately, the J&T Family of Companies will be joining other manufacturers and distributors by ceasing sales of regulated items in states that have altered the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms…

Young Adults in Training

Kids and Guns, the Real Story

In world “A” the parents of children not only see it as their responsibility to shelter their children, but it is the responsibility of the government to remove or restrict any activity that could potentially harmful to the child…

The Pentagon Budget as Political Football

We all should be embarrassed at the way national defense has been degraded to a political football. But we, the people, should be feeling even more cynical about the hysterical, sky-is-falling rhetoric about sequestration…

Your First Gun

Ban Guns Or Buy Guns? ‘Your First Gun’ Answers the Question

Guns have great social utility, are virtually never used to hurt anyone, and this has been totally overlooked in the current frenzy. Is it time at last for you to get a gun? Americans are flocking to gun stores in record numbers — this book tells why…

New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines

New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines

A new video destroys the myth surrounding so-called “high capacity magazines” by proving that determined shooters using smaller capacity magazines can fire just as fast, and in some cases even faster despite having to reload…