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Maryland Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

What Does It Mean To Take An Oath?

Many elected officials pass legislation that directly violates citizens’ rights and freedoms. In some cases, this is simply because of ignorance; in other cases it is intentional with no regard for the Constitution…

Firearm Background Checks Don’t Impede Criminals

NFOA released an Open Letter to Congress and the American people announcing their opposition to any effort to institute government controls on private transfers of personal firearms between law-abiding individuals….

Hawaii: Deeply Flawed Mental Health Bill to be Heard Friday

D-21 is a terribly flawed mental health bill that must be defeated. Hawaiians would be subject to warrantless entry into their homes, warrantless seizure of their firearms based solely on a mere “report” by a so-called “mental health professional.” …

New Jersey Freedom Rally Forges Forward

We may have to deal with a bit of rain, wind and snow this Friday during our Rally, luckily the frogs, locusts and tongues of fire are expected to hold off until Saturday…