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Mass Shootings in the USA 1980 - 2010

How Effective Is Gun Control?

But lurking behind the school shooting question is the issue of “never let a crisis go to waste,” per Rahm Emmanuel. Is it really guns, or is it rather the gun grabber agenda that is in the dock here???

Legislative Update For Texas February 4th 2013

Both House & Senate, have a traditional jurisdiction over certain parts of Texas law; however, any bill could actually “land” in any committee. Most gun bills filed in the Texas House are directed to the House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety…

USA Capitol Building

Finding the City on a Hill

One of the most widely employed metaphors in today’s American political discourse is that the United States is a “city on a hill.”…

Wisconsin GOP Attacks Pro-Gun Activist, Todd Welch

Todd was instrumental in fighting alongside Wisconsin Gun Owners during the last session for Constitutional Carry. When I learned how the Wisconsin Republican Party was mistreating Todd Welch, I got angry…

Inside the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom

Constitutional Principles Must Be Guarded

There is danger in the misuse of power. Some of the counter-balances in the Constitutional system which the Founding Fathers erected, have been let to decompose…