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    1. Build a 1911 Pistol at Home, NO FFL, NO Background Check, 100% Legal

      1911 fans you have to love Ares Armor, as they are definitely not afraid to stick it to the man, in this case the ATF...

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    2. The Best Gun For Concealed Carry

      What should one consider when searching for a handgun suitable for concealed carry? This question comes up over & over in classes & the answer isn't quite as easy to arrive at as one might think...

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    3. Top Five Home Defense Shotguns

      Shotguns make excellent guns for at home protection as they are easy to maneuver and simple to operate. They are completely reliable and stupid simple for most everyone but the most fanatical progressive to operate...

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    4. Five Best Concealed Carry Revolvers

      I love revolvers as they are a tried and true design, simple to use and easy to maintain, with just enough capacity and caliber to get the job done, but what is the best Revolver for daily concealed carry???

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    5. My Ebola Survival Gear Short List

      As with all survival situations you can never be completely prepared, but it pays to plan ahead and stock up now as the listed survival items will be the first to go when the SHTF...

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    6. PETA Boasting It Will Hassle Hunters with Drones on National Hunting & Fishing Day

      Hunters and anglers who are planning to participate in National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 27 had best beware PETA will be watching...

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    7. COUNTRY BUCK$ - A&E Presents New Original Reality Series Featuring The Busbice Family

      A&E Network's new real-life series "Country Buck$" follows the Busbice family who's Wildgame Innovations, a small hunting gear business grown into a multi-million dollar wildlife sporting empire...

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    8. FREE Russian Sniper Rifle & 440 Rounds of Ammo - Aimsurplus & AmmoLand Giveaway

      AmmoLand & have your back. We are giving away a tried and tested Russian Sniper bang stick & 440 rounds of boom, FREE to one lucky email subscriber...

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    9. Another Michigan Public School Adopts Compliant Weapons Policy, Allows Guns

      It's good to see schools following the law. As this trend grows, more & more of their worst fears are shown to be baseless & or absurd. The truth is getting out there gun owners are not the problem...

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    10. Ghost Gunner Miniature CNC Machine Brings Homemade Gun Manufacturing to the Masses

      Ghost Gunner automatically finds and aligns your 80% lower receiver to the machine, with simple installation instructions, point and click software and all required tools...

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    11. How Gun Control Made England The 'Most Violent Country In Europe'

      The UK Firearms Act promised a reduction in crime and greater safety for the British people. But the result was the emergence of Britain as the most violent country in Europe...

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    12. Shaneen Allen Admitted Into PTI Clarification by NJ AG Allows Prosecutor to Save Face

      The directive issued by Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman noted that in most cases, imprisonment is neither necessary not appropriate to serve the interests of justice and protect public safety.

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    13. Can Michigan Concealed Pistol License Holders Kill Wild Pigs At Any Time?

      Apparently because of the extreme nuisance and danger caused by wild swine, CPL holders are...

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    14. Top 5 Concealed Carry Handguns

      It’s often asked what I prefer as a concealed carry handgun, so I have compiled a list of top five models I prefer with a little info about each...

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    15. Son Shoots, Kills Home Invader while Mom Cooks Breakfast reports that the son was in his bedroom when he heard a commotion. He grabbed his gun and was walking toward the noise when...

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    16. 'Hog Dawgs' Debuts on Sportsman Channel

      Tune in to the weeklong stunt featuring a squad of female enforcers that will help debunk myths and set aside preconceived notions about the eradication of nuisance animals...

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    17. Mark Kelly: Gun Control Is 'Never Going to Stop' All Gun Violence

      During an October 1 2014 appearance on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper, gun control advocate Mark Kelly said such laws are "never going to stop" all gun violence....

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    18. Peace Through Pork - Jihawg Defensive Ammunition

      Not only does Jihawg guarantee that all of their ammunition meets or exceeds S.A.A.M.I. standards, they also coat each projectile with a special ballistic paint infused with pork...

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    19. Ruger Introduces the AR-556 Modern Sporting Rifle

      With all major components machined at Ruger’s Mayodan, NC facility, the AR-556 offers an affordable, American-made Modern Sporting Rifle with the rugged reliability they expect from Ruger...

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    20. US Army Handbook From 2011 Confirms Airborne Ebola Cases

      Secondary infections among medical personnel without direct body fluid exposure have been documented. These instances have prompted concern of a rare phenomenon of aerosol transmission of infection...

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    21. Court Finds Corps of Engineers Ban on Guns Unconstitutional

      The U.S. District Court of Idaho has found that the Army Corps of Engineers regulations banning guns from the properties that it manages are unconstitutional.

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    22. D.C. Council Presses Forward with Backward Concealed Carry Law

      Rather than passing such a blatantly unconstitutional proposal, perhaps Council members should instead focus on passing legislation that actually respect their citizens’ rights...

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    23. MKS Supply Brings Back the M1 Carbine

      MKS Supply, LLC announces that production of the original Inland brand M1 Carbine is again underway and the iconic .30 caliber...

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    24. Four Gun Laws I Would Repeal First (If I Was a Benevolent Dictator)

      When the glorious day comes, when I’m in charge, I’m going to set about fixing things. Think beavers are industrious? During the first 20 minutes of my reign, I’ll get rid of ALL gun control laws...

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    25. Top Five Tools For Building Your Own AK-47 Rifle

      Building your own Kalashnikov has become quite popular, and will probably be even more so, now with Obama's current ban actively in place. Here are the top five tool you need to complete your AK rifle build...

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    26. Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Allows Military Police to Concealed Carry in 50 States

      What H.R. 218 did was give police including military police officers the ability to carry a concealed firearm in any State or US possession, such as Puerto Rico...

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    27. ATF Confiscating Drop-In Auto-Sears

      The target of gun control isn’t criminals, it’s us. The objective of these laws is to make us criminals and make lawful gun ownership too difficult and dangerous to attempt...

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    28. Mainstream Newspapers Dupe The Public On Gun Debate

      It is a curious fact that mainstream newspapers consistently fail to provide their readers with logically sound arguments to support their case against civilian ownership of guns...

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    29. Bear Whisperer Dedicates Entire Show To Debunk the Anti-Hunting Maine Bear Referendum

      We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United State. We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped, HSUS...

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    30. Jake Tapper: No Gun Laws Offered Since Sandy Hook Would Have Prevented Shooting

      Tapper surmised that the gun control movement lost its fight because, instead of seeking solutions, gun control proponents tried to use the emotion of the moment to pass their gun control bills...

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    31. NRA News Commentators Episode 90: "Billionaire Brainwashing" With Chris Cheng

      NRA News Commentators Episode 90: "Billionaire Brainwashing"

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    32. Moms Demand Action Steals my Picture; Followers Issue Threats

      Members of Moms Demand Action use an unauthorized photograph, while members issue threats against a peaceful blogger.

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    33. World War II Soldiers Honored During 2014 National Trophy Matches First Shot Ceremony

      Please join us at the ranges of Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio, as we merge the great sacrifices of veterans everywhere with the friendly rivalry of marksmanship competition...

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    34. Russia Prepares For Solar Flares While We Argue About Global Warming

      If the Russians prove to be correct then it will not matter how rich or poor a nation is, cut off from electricity for a week because of solar flare damage, there will be nothing to hang on to...

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    35. Performance Center By Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P Ported Pistols

      Competition Pistols in 9mm and .40S&W Now Available with Ported Barrel and Adjustable Trigger Stop...

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