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Coonan Custom 1911 Chambered In .357 Magnum

Get Your Coonan Custom 1911 Pistol Faster:::

We are proud to say that Coonan has aggressively sought to build our manufacturing efficiency so that our customers can get their hands on a Coonan of their own more quickly…

Crimson Trace Green Lasergrips

Crimson Trace 1911 Laser Upgrades Grow

With the recent anniversary of famed gun maker John M. Browning’s birthday, it’s a great occasion to re-examine one of his great masterpieces—the 1911 semi-automatic pistol…

m3h 1911 AmmoLand

Video Review: Browning 1911.22

You could easily spend the better part of your day discussing John Browning’s firearms designs and what a genius that man was. With many of his designs still in use after 100 years, the value of the Browning legacy on the hunting and shooting world goes without saying.