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Lets Be Honest About Thanksgiving Dinner ~ Video

In today’s world it is to easy to roll into your super food store and load up on a nice clean shrink wrapped turkey, happy to pay someone else to take the responsibility for putting that meat on your table…

Dr. John Burk of Santa Barbara, California

The Lonely California Hunter

USSA member Dr. John Burk of Santa Barbara, California talks of life as a hunter in the number one state battling to ban hunting and the adversity he faces from Californians…

Hunting Hound Dogs

Amending The Hunting Act Is No Substitute For Repeal

The results were clear and unsurprising: twice as many foxes were flushed using a pack rather than two hounds, and when a fox was found it took more than twice as long for two dogs to flush it out than it did for a pack….

Lead Ammo

California Anti-Hunting Lead Ban Headed for Vote

Earlier this spring the California Assembly passed Bill 711, which would ban the use of all traditional lead ammunition for hunting throughout the state. Further action is needed from sportsmen…

Woodchuck Hunting

Wisconsin MIA in the War on Woodchucks

Everyone knows the animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States and the Sierra Club have millions in cash. All they have to do is offer to live-trap woodchucks at no cost…

Coyote Hunting

New Mexico Anti-Hunting Bill Defeated

This bad bill would have banned many common hunting activities like coyote field trials and contests that encouraged sportsmen to hunt overpopulated coyotes…

Animal Rights Terrorist Goes to Jail

Animal Rights Terrorist Goes to Jail

The founder of the militant “Negotiation is Over” animal rights website, Camille Marino, was recently sentenced to six months in jail in Michigan for harassing…

Turkey Dinner

Doing Their Best to Kill Christmas Cheer

Media-driven scare campaigns by environmental and self-appointed consumer protection groups are intended to ruin it with claims that everything you eat or do has the potential of killing you and your loved ones…