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Ronald William Prestage

Another Citizen Ensnared by D.C. Gun Law

onald William Prestage, a member of the North Carolina State University’s Board of Trustees, was arrested in the District of Columbia after police discovered a holstered, loaded handgun in his briefcase…

Conceal Carry Victories Stacking Up

This is another case where SAF is winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time. These victories for legal resident aliens help protect U.S citizen’s gun rights just as much as the legal resident aliens…

Guns Free is Defense Free

Campus Carry Legalized in Idaho

With the passage of this bill, Idaho joins the states of Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin which have provisions for law abiding citizens to be able to carry firearms onto parts of campus…


Iowa Carry and Pistol Purchase Permits Online

Starting on 5 February, 2014, the Scott County, Iowa Sheriff’s Department has instituted an innovative and convenient way for Iowa residents to obtain their firearms carry permit or pistol purchase permit

Concealed Handgun Permit

Colorado Concealed Carry Renewal Reform

The reform now in the Colorado legislature, HB1166, allows residents to renew their permit in the county of their residence, as well as the county of issuance…

Constitutional Carry Being Considered in Colorado

Representative Wright said that a permit should not be required to exercise a constitutional right allowing “law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed handgun without being subjected to criminal laws”…