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Avid Design 18-piece Gun Multi-Tool.

Gear Up for the Shooting Range with Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace, the leading brand of laser sighting systems for personal protection firearms, now offers a wide assortment of shooting accessories to aid with practice at the range—and for firearms safety at all times…

NSSF Range Report

Its Golf with a Gun, An ATV & No Dress Code

Rifle Golf uses conventional golf as a model to create a standardized course, scoring system and set of rules, so that shooters of any skill level can compete, either against themselves or other shooters. The game has been a roaring success…

Shooting Range Fire

Myths About Shooting Range Rubber Berm Traps

At its most basic level, a rubber berm trap is approximately two feet of chopped rubber laid on top of an angled support structure to create a backstop or “berm” to catch bullets fired into it…