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Death’s Progress: Part 2

When it comes to these vital matters of literal life and death, the ongoing progressive evolution is proving to be downright frightening. Where will death’s progress advance next? Stay tuned…

Religious liberty

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Right … Sort Of

On;y 56 percent of our sitting U.S. Supreme Court justices are still willing to give the U.S. Constitution a modicum of the respect, recognition and compliance it not only deserves, but requires…

Religious liberty

Recent Presidents And Religious Liberty

American presidents have played a major role in fostering religious liberty at home & abroad. Washington used his enormous influence as both commander in chief & president to promote freedom of worship…

Religious Freedom Coalition Erects Pro God Billboard

US Air Force Airbrushes Religious Liberty Again

Why is it that 29 cadets & faculty members can exercise their anti-religious belifes, but a single cadet cannot exercise his own pro-religious sentiment, communicating his faith on his own personal whiteboard???