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Alan Caruba

Celebrating Yom Kippur and Survival

Apparently it only takes a generation or two to forget the lessons of the past. In Germany, the anti-Semitism that fed the Holocaust that occurred during World War II has returned…

Defense Training International, Inc

Jehadists They’re Here!

Can you imagine the raucous, self-righteous, pseudo-sanctimonious chest-beating & foaming-at-the-mouth that would be emanating from the left if a white, Christian woman had murdered a black Muslim???

Wild Bill for America

Work Place Islam ~ Video

When a Muslim tries to convert you to Islam, it is not just an invitation. It may also be a death threat…

Boots on the Ground

Air Power’s Siren Song

Given the nature of ISIS’s forces, even a concerted bombing campaign absent an effective ground effort is unlikely to succeed…

“Sobieski Sending Message of Victory to the Pope” by Jan Matejko, 1883. This painting depicts the victory of the Catholic forces at Vienna over the Ottoman Turks on September 12, 1683. It hangs in the Sobieski Room of the Vatican Museum.

Fight or Die: A September 11th Perspective

Islam’s self-stated purpose is to dominate and govern all men and their affairs through its religious teachings. Its followers are permitted to realize this goal by any means possible

ISIS in the usa

ISIS Terror – Coming To A Place Near You!

Don’t be surprised when we see Kenyan-style massacres occurring within CONUS, particularly in places like NY, NJ, and MD, where gun-ownership among citizens is officially discouraged and denigrated…

Ailina Tsarnaeva

Deport the Tsarnaev Sisters

If our public officials still value America, what are these worthless women still doing on our soil? Entry into this country is a privilege, not a right…

ISIS is using crude methods of execution that are intended to serve as torture and intimidation. Even crucifixions are being performed.

Islamist Terror Demands Vatican Catholic Defense

Christians, & especially Catholics, appear to be bearing the brunt of terrorist savagery, it is crucial that officials of the Vatican promote the individual right of Catholics to keep and bear arms…

Islamic State Killings

Islamic Slaughters and Short Memories

The Islamic State has been officially designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S., the U.K, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and the United Nations.

Alan Caruba

Caruba: Iraq Agonistes

After six years of the Obama administration, the U.S. has no friends in the Middle East—the kind that trust us, but it does have interests to protect…

Middle East

Caruba: The Middle East Cannot Be Ignored

Ignoring the Middle East except to bother Israel about its six decades of problems from Palestinians & a hopeless negotiation with Iran is more about Obama’s fantasies than any understanding of the Middle East…

The White House’s Cover-up of Benghazi

Families and friends of the four brave Americans murdered in Benghazi continue to suffer without answers, reasons or justice. Is there not a shred of heart left in Washington???

The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Agenda

Most do not know who or what the Muslim Brotherhood is, but it has been around a long time seeking to control events in the Middle East. It also plays an astonishing and frightening role in America…

Hating All Infidels

Caruba: Hating All Infidels

What does it say about Islam that both the Super Bowl in America and the winter Olympics in Russia require massive security against an attack by jihadists???

Dangerous Police Overreaction

Even civilians can see that an enemy, intent on causing havoc, can play upon the over-eager geared-up, military-minded, macho cops who flood into an area, leaving every other place under-protected…

Al Jazeera America

‘Al Jazeera America’ Goes After Your Gun Rights

Al Jazeera America, owned by the royal family of Qatar. Dictators that also fund the Muslim Brotherhood & the terrorist group Hamas, are here to throw a burqa over your God-given right to keep & bear arms…